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Wait. It’s Not Luck?

Wait. It’s Not Luck?

Have you ever noticed that we’re given exactly what we need, right when we need it? Sometimes it can even feel annoying. But when I decide to put on my big girl pants and really look at the gifts I’ve been given, and the messages being handed to me, I know that what’s in front of me usually serves me. That happened this week when I ran across an article that someone sent to me a few weeks ago. It’s called, The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Really Succeed. It’s all about networks, groups and the importance of making sure we’re working with the right people, near the right people, and that we ask for introductions, meetings and advice from those who can help us the most. And well, I found this to be “annoying” because I tend to be a loner. When I first tell people that, they laugh it off and don’t believe me. It is a little funny, if I do say so myself. I...

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Lessons from McFarland, USA

Lessons from McFarland, USA

I love a feel-good Disney movie. No really, I do. And this weekend, as we were all relaxing in our house and nursing some small colds that have made their way into my children’s noses, my husband turned on McFarland, USA. Just in case you haven’t seen it, a short recap is that Coach White loses yet another job as a high school football coach, and has to move his family to McFarland California. He’s met with resistance, discomfort and a high school filled with at-risk youth, whose options include prison or a lifetime of picking produce in fields. Full stop. Through twists and turns, they end up forming a cross country track team, and end up winning the state championship, which opens the door to college up for all of the boys on the team, and they all end up getting degrees and changing the path that had been before them. We always love these types of stories, right? I mean, we can think of the 1980 USA...

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What is Success, Anyway?

What is Success, Anyway?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on our Redefining Success 2015 Conference, and I’m getting really excited. We’ve got an amazing line up of inspiring women coming to speak, a beautiful venue and conversations about our health, happiness and the illusion of perfection. And as I’ve been designing it, I keep coming back to the same question: What is success, anyway? There are so many physical markers that flash in front of our eyes on a daily basis: The perfect size 4 body, the clean house, well-behaved children, lots of money, the best clothes – you name it. The media, and our own egos, can list off dozens of outward markers for “success”. But what does that really have to do with anything? Do those things really make us happy? I mean, I love a new pair of shoes just as much as the next girl, but how long does that “yes!” feeling last? A few days? Maybe a week or two? And that’s normal, there’s nothing...

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What people are saying about Better Way to Start the Day....

I’ve always been impressed with how Sarah gets up early and starts her day powerfully. So when I was on Better Way Love buying teachers’ gifts for Christmas, I bought my first Better Way to Start the Day notebook hoping to tap into some of her wisdom.

I have a 3-year-old and a baby and a growing business and can feel overwhelmed a lot. First off, starting the notebook by writing down goals got me inspired and thinking bigger than I had in a while.

Then the daily practice of writing down acknowledgements and gratitude gradually helped me to turn my thoughts from what’s missing to how much I’m blessed with. I now look forward to the weekly emails on Mondays to start my week off right.

I take the baby to Starbucks on Monday mornings and sit for an hour with my latte, read the weekly email, and plan my week. It’s a special time that leaves me feeling grounded and ready for what’s coming. Yes I still feel overwhelmed at times but the notebook is a tool I can use to get out of overwhelm quickly.

The results have been so great, I’ve given notebooks to my business partner and to my best friend for their birthdays. They may create their own powerful way of starting their days that’s different from mine, but we’re all moving toward our biggest goals and best selves.

Wonderfully inspired organization! Gets me thinking with gratitude right off the bat in the morning.

“Getting my Better Way emails first thing on Monday the mornings is the perfect start to my day.

I see it sitting there in my inbox, and I admit, I don’t read it first thing. Nope.

I go fill my mug up with coffee, grab a pen and paper and five minutes of quiet time so I can truly digest the little golden nugget I know this email contains. The topics are always perceptive, thought provoking, and have such a light-hearted, fun tone that it never feels like work, even though it’s the most important work I will do all day. It’s the five minutes I take to focus on making myself a better person. The emails are a daily reminder of who I want to be and what I need to do to get there; whether it’s setting goals, nurturing relationships, or just taking a good hard look at the person in the mirror. Most importantly, getting my morning email sets my intention for the whole day. They are truly a better way to start my day.”

“If you want a loving boost each morning to help you become more committed to your goals, to help you get more organized and feel better about yourself, then getting Sarah’s morning challenges and encouragement will become a valuable daily ritual. I truly enjoy finding that lovely pink tag line in my inbox early every day, knowing that each small segment is written by her with integrity and genuine concern for others, while the world is still warmly ensconced in their covers.”

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